Who do I contact to be connected to the water co-op?

  • Communications Person listed under Board Contacts on the website.

Who do I make the cheques payable to?

  • Wintergreen Water Co-op
  • Box 666, Bragg Creek, Alberta T0L0K0

How is the water tested?

  • The water is tested once per day by Corix Utilities (formerly McPherson & Thom).

What is the cost?

  • Please refer to 2016 Utility Fees on the website for the current fee structures. The fee structure goes from June to May of each current year.

What happens if I don’t pay for my water?

  • There is a caveat on your property that you must be a member of the Wintergreen Water Co-op and meet the obligations in accordance with the Wintergreen Water Co-op.

What is the mineral content of the water?

  •    Hardness (as CaCO3) 237 mg/L
  •    Fluorides  .33 mg/L  (all naturally occurring)
  •    Iron  0.03 mg/L

As members of the Wintergreen Water Co-op, you share ownership of the water co-op. We are very proud of our water co-op, which offers quality water.

If you decide to sell your property, please notify the Communications person (30 days prior to moving) on the Water Co-op Board of Directors.

If you change your email address, please notify the communications person on the Board. Email is how we communicate about water issues.

The volunteer board members are:

Chairman:Mark Chidwick
Vice Chair and Communications:David Deere
Operations:Ron Lutz
Secretary:Darwin Perrier
Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Rep:Patrick Majer
TreasurerChantel Yarema
Communications, Website & Projects:Duncan O’Nions
Accountant:Cindy Wilson
Special Projects:Ryan Bird

Each of the above board members are your neighbors and we take turns sitting on the water co-op board. The volunteers meet once per month. Having a background in: Engineering, Accounting, Occupational Health, & board of directors would be extremely beneficial; but all volunteers are welcome and never turned away.

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