Fire Hydrants

A letter from J.P. Graham, the Fire Chief of M.D. Rocky View # 44 dated June 16 to the Utility states, “ the existing fire hydrant system as currently installed does not comply with the Fire Underwriters standards for a fire protection water supply”. The current fire hydrant system must therefore be considered as a “convenience” only, and is not an approved fire water system. Residents should NOT describe the subdivision as having fire hydrants, to your home insurance underwriters.

McPherson and Thom recommend that hydrants be marked “Not Approved for Fire Use”.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact a Board Member.

Please sign the enclosed acknowledgement notice and return in the stamped, addressed envelope.

Thank you.
Yours truly,
Wintergreen Woods Water Utility.


I, (we)_______________________ resident of Wintergreen Resort Subdivision
Lot #_______________________
Mailing address____________________________________________________
Acknowledge that I (we) have read the attachment and understand that the Subdivision does not have an approved Fire Hydrant system as outlined by the Fire Underwriters standard.I (we) also recognize that the cost to install a PRV is the responsibility of the homeowner and not Wintergreen Woods Water Utility.

Signed ________________________________.


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