Operations Overview

overviewThe main function of the Wintergreen Water treatment plant is to provide safe potable water to the residents of the Wintergreen subdivision and the Wintergreen Resort as required under Alberta Environment regulations and parameters. At the present time, this water demand is approximately 25,000 gallons per day (100,000 litres per day). The plant has in the past also supplied water for snow making on the ski hill.

The water for the treatment plant comes directly from the Elbow River about a half kilometer north of the Elbow River bridge crossing. There is a pump house (shown on the map as a blue box) adjacent to the river with a water intake into the river including two pumps for domestic water use. During normal functioning, only one pump is in operation with the other in standby in case of pump failure.

The water from the Elbow River is pumped through a large 8″ pipe running along the east side of the main road to Wintergreen. See below. The pipe then turns west following the resort access road and goes up to the water treatment plant situated on the north of the Wintergreen Resort and west of the road between the resort and Mountain Lion Drive. See below.

For a description on the operation, see “How It All Works”.
water line-Wintergreen Road

Water line along east side of Wintergreen Road and then north side of road entering golf course.

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