Water Conservation

The Board Members of the Wintergreen Woods Water Utility are concerned that our storage capacity is not adequate to meet all of the water needs. During the summer months there is a greater demand on water reserves as we are starting to water our lawns and gardens, washing our vehicles and exteriors of our homes and generally using more water for outside irrigation. There have been times when the demand exceeded the storage level capacity, creating a loss of water pressure.

We ask for your co operation in the implementation of this policy.

Below this letter is a map which shows the Wintergreen sub-Division divided into an East and West. The dividing Line is straight along the back service road to the Resort and between the homes on Squirrel Crescent, which back onto the homes on Mountain Lion Place. All lots to the Left of this line (marked A & B) are the WEST AREA; and all Lots to the right (marked C D & E) are the EAST AREA.

We ask that the residents in the West Area use outside irrigation on the even days of the month and that lots in the East Area irrigate on the odd days of the month. We will leave to your discretion any additional watering of hanging baskets or sensitive plants.

This proposal will lessen the demand on our storage capacity and ensure there is always sufficient water reserves to meet all of our needs.

Also , please check to make sure that plumbing and fixtures within the home are free of leaks, or not continually dripping or running.

We would also like to highlight our Emergency Response Area Plan. Should the need arise to notify residents of water outages or disruptions, we have designated a contact person to call the residents within their assigned areas an notify’ them of the situation. There is also a notice board which will be placed at the corner of Moose Drive and Mountain Lion Drive for notices regarding water outages, quality, planned repairs, etc.

subdivision map

Wintergreen Woods Water Utility

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