2020 Utility Fees


DUE DATE – July 1, 2020

As members of our water co-op, we are all obliged to pay an annual fee to support the administration, operations and maintenance of our Water Treatment Plant and distribution systems. The fees presented in the INVOICE were approved by the general membership at the April 2020 AGM. As in the past, for your convenience and planning, we are able to present the members with four payment options:

For Developed Properties

$1,800.00One-time annual payment1 July 2020
$1,880.004 x $470.00 post-dated cheques dated July 1, Oct 1, Jan 1 & April 1All cheques due 1 July 2020
$2,000.0010 x $200.00 monthly cheques dated the 1st of each month July to AprilAll cheques due 1 July 2020
$2160.0012 x $180.00 month-by-month cheques dated 1st of each month July to JuneDUE no later than the last day of the previous month.

For Undeveloped Properties

$400.00After tie-in fee, one-time annual fee1 July 2020

The above payments will cover the water fees for from July 1, 2020 through to June 30, 2021
If you have any questions concerning financial issues, Contact Cindy Wilson, 403-949-4947 or Cindy@CDWilson.com
Operational questions or general inquiries should be sent to wintergreenwater@gmail.com
We are not set up to receive e-transfers or credit card payments at this time.
Also not able to provide COVID relief or delayed payments at this time.

Please note that if payment is not received by 1 July 2020 the property will be obligated to pay the full amount of $2160.00

**** LATE PAYMENTS will subject to ADDITIONAL FEES in accordance with the WWWU DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS Policy.

Make cheques payable to:

Wintergreen Woods Water Utility

Send cheques to:

Wintergreen Woods Water Utility
Box 666
Bragg Creek, Alberta
T0L 0K0

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